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Meet The Team

Our team of fitness professionals and personal trainers are always on hand to help motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve the results you want.

  • Nikola

    Studio Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager

    If you want it……then get it!!!! I can help you get it but you need to want it first.
  • Paige

    Fitness Instructor

    Motivation is key to success, come see me any time as I am always more than happy to help boost up your motivation and confidence! 'SORE today, STRONG tomorrow' Just always remember why you started :) >>

  • Sarah

    Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Studio Instructor

    Sarah is a hard task master as a personal trainer grown from her dance background. Feel sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow, you choose!!!>>
  • Claire

    Fitness Coach

    The only thing that stands between you and a healthier lifestyle is yourself. Believe you can be better and we’ll help you do the rest>>
  • Danny

    Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Studio Instructor

    As a Personal Trainer I aim to offer direction and motivation at every available opportunity to individuals and groups of individuals seeking to reach their fitness goals.>>

  • Daniel

    Director of Sport

    My team are on hand to ensure every visit you have to Three Rivers leaves a lasting impression. Whether it be in the gym or one of our many studio classes. We strive to ensure you walk away feeling motivated to come back for more!>>


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It's all about persistence... Take out a 12 month membership with Three Rivers and enjoy all the benefits the club has to offer.

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